Monday, June 20, 2011

Jose Rizal Day!!!

I would like to officially wish all of you a happy Jose Rizal day. I mentioned the Filipino national hero in my last blog if you missed it. Today marks this young patriots 150th birthday. Because of this momentous occasion today was a national holiday here in the Philippines, so most of the work force (including me!) enjoyed a very lovely albeit rainy day off (it has rained for 3 straight days!!!). I am beginning to understand why they refer to the summer as the rainy season. I spent the day going to another great 50 cent movie and walking around Rizal park. I was fully anticipating there being at least 100,000 people at this park, but was sadly disappointed. It looks as though the monsoon scared everyone away. Nonetheless, I celebrated Jose Rizal day at Rizal park like a good little Filipino tourist! If you are too lazy to look at my last blog post to find out about Jose Rizal just check here. It will fill you in plenty. He's a pretty amazing guy actually.

Not much has happened the past week or so here in the Philippines. I've begun work on the two savings groups I will be starting and hope to introduce them later this week and officially begin the saving early next week. The past couple days have been filled with rain, so there haven't been any crazy adventures, but I thought I'd share with all of you a few more cultural nuggets I've discovered this past week.

Filipino Culture difference number: (you can find the other's in previous blogs fyi)

10. When Filipinos refer to "slippers" they mean flip flops. This really confused me the first time a guy at the office who I went to play basketball with asked me if I could borrow some slippers. So if you are ever in the Philippines, remember slippers=flip flops.

11. The drink sizes here continue to frustrate me! The average size of a Filipino drink at a typical food joint I would say is around kiddie size in America. The "larges" here correlate to around a typical small in America. This is rather annoying when all I want is a huge glass of water and it is around 100 degrees outside with 90 percent humidity. I miss America drink sizes :(

12. At the Filipino fast food places, you do not throw away your own trash. I actually love this feature of the Philippines, but I don't think I will ever ever ever ever ever get used to it!! It is the strangest feeling in the world to just get up and leave a McDonald's tray at the table. I feel like I'm committing a crime or something! Seriously, next time you eat at Chick-fil-a try standing up and just leaving you trash there. Even if you know a paid employee will pick it up behind you, it still just feels wrong, like its un-America or something...

13. Me and Charlie (the other American here) have decided that the American haircut industry is the biggest ripped off product in the World!!! Two days ago I got the best haircut of my life (yes, I am aware that I don't have much hair to cut, nevertheless!) for only $1!!! Like seriously!!! It would have cost at least $15 in America. I think we should launch an investigation into the legitimacy of America haircut places. Something smells fishy.

14. They show the previews at movie theaters before the advertised movie time here!!! I am completely convinced that this needs to be implemented in America today. Because if you're like me, you enjoy previews, but I also enjoy the movie starting on time. Obama should make this happen.

I hope everyone enjoys Jose Rizal day!!!



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  2. Nathan~I really enjoy your blog! The "cultural nuggets" are great!! Will continue to pray for you. <3

    fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
    I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
    —Isaiah 41:10

  3. Melanie calls "flippers" that you use to swim "slippers"... Don't think that is culture, just being four years old. I think my favorite is the previews. Sounds like a great idea to me. Love reading your blog. You are in our prayers. Looking forward to seeing your Dad this weekend.